Drawn From Borders Project

Work has begun on the Drawn From Borders Project,  which is a creative engagement programme exploring key moments in Ireland’s history, delivered by Artlink, Nerve Centre and the Tower Museum. This is an opportunity for myself and other group members to look and respond creatively on the events of 100 years ago, borders, and Brexit. The resulting works will form part of a new exhibition in the Tower Museum in early 2020 that will examine important events during 1920-22, including the Partition of Ireland and themes around borders.


The programme is part of the ‘Understanding the Decade of Centenaries’ project being delivered by the Nerve Centre in partnership with the Tower Museum and supported by the European Union’s PEACE IV Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB).

New Exhibition

Excited to announce the opening of my latest exhibition - commissioned as part of the 400th yr Anniversary of the Derry Walls.


Exhibition opens 29th November and runs until the 11th January 2019.

The exhibition presents a series of findings and artworks produced following a botanical survey of the plants found growing on the inner walls of the Derry Walls over a period of several months. It places these findings within the context of current conservation strategies for the monument and the broader context of plant autonomy and environmental conservation. It also attempts to challenge cultural assumptions responsible for designating certain plants as ‘weeds’, and the mainstream anthropocentric approach to plant life.

Screentest: The National Student Film Festival

Colloidal Landscape has been shortlisted for the 2018 Screentest National Student Film Festival in London. The festival runs from 19th - 21st October. This year will be their 14th anniversary of the festival.

Darkroom Festival

My video piece was selected for the new London Video and Sound Art Festival - Darkroom, part of the Deptford Festival. It will be screened to the public with other selected video-sound works.

Graduation Day

Very happy to graduate today with my BA in Fine Art.

Documentation: A Rose Among Roses

Here is a copy of my artist book: A Rose Among Roses.

Installation 2016.

Click on the image to view this.


An impromptu piece using washed up straw from Stroove beach in Donegal. Straw was used to construct a temporary large nest on the sand. Family members interacted with the piece, in its construction, by adding rounded stones resembling eggs, and by sitting/lying inside it.

For more images click links:



Getting close now to my Chromo-Hydroculture exhibition

This will be my second solo show in the Derry Playhouse gallery space, this time as part of the NI Science Festival 2018. In this colourful and botanical installation, I will be experimenting with the simple  hydroculture of plants and manipulating their growth to create a range of visual effects. Various coloured dyes will also be used, in combination with a range of techniques, to make visible the process of transport in plants. Runs from 15th February until 20th February, 2018. Derry Playhouse, Artillery St., Derry. Opening night on Friday 16th February from 7pm. All welcome.

Fellow lover of Blake mentions my Sick Rose installation.

I came across this little mention some time ago and happened upon it again today while doing some further research into the works of William Blake. I thought I should share it. His poems keep popping up, over and over, in my work...and it seems I am becoming a fan. 

Weaving in St. Columb's Park, Derry

Performance piece involving my family. Various wools were weaved around the trees in a sheltered area of St. Columb's Park, Derry creating a huge temporary installation. Threads are becoming a dominant feature in my work at the moment and the process of creating complex and intricate structures is the primary preoccupation. Threads also represent to me the passage of life and the connections we have with one another and nature. We often visit St. Columb's Park for family get togethers and making our collective mark within a small area of woodland within it seemed very apt. The process and resulting structure was enjoyed by all who took part.

We continue to weave together despite aggravated attempts to separate us all, and just to say in the beautiful words of William Blake:


“It is right it should be so;
Man was made for joy and woe;
And when this we rightly know,
Thro' the world we safely go.

Joy and woe are woven fine,
A clothing for the soul divine.
Under every grief and pine
Runs a joy with silken twine.

- "Auguries of Innocence”

Video of my performance

My performance contribution for the BIFPA 2017.

BIFPA 17 Belfast International Festival of Performance Art.

NWRC Graduation 2017

I enjoyed taking part in this year's NWRC graduation ceremony. I was very pleased to be awarded The Context Gallery Award for Fine Art as recognition for the work I contributed in the four years I spent studying at NWRC. A nice conclusion to the first part of my personal journey in Fine Art education.


Sculpture submission for No Jury No Prize 2017 exhibition

The annual No Jury No Prize exhibition is open to all and exists as a large exhibition of professional and amateur artists that demonstrates the talent of the region. My submission this year is a stainless steel sculpture sympathetic to the religious and social histories of the ancient site: An Grianan Aileach, located in Burt Co. Donegal. Exhibition is in The Alley Theatre Strabane, opening on 25th October and runs until 11th November.

Back to roses and dyes

Some more experimental works with roses and colour.

National Open Art 2017

My piece "Bloody Borders" selected for inclusion in the Online Gallery NOA17.

136th Annual Exhibition Royal Ulster Academy

I am very pleased to share that one of my wax sculptures from my Rose Among Roses series has been selected for the 136th RUA Annual Exhibition this year. Last year the Academy selected one of my recent video works Colloidal Landscape, and I am pleased that one of my sculptural works has now also been accepted. The exhibition opens this October in the Ulster Museum, Belfast, and runs until January 2018.

People of The Year Awards 2017

I am very happy to have been selected as a finalist for the Derry Journal People of the Year Awards 2017 for Contribution to Arts & Culture. The awards ceremony will take place on Thursday 7th September at The Everglades Hotel, Derry.


Time-lapse video of Chroma-Painting

Short time-lapse video of Chroma-Painting,The Rose.

More to come later.

First Performance Art piece

A photo of myself at the End of year Show 2017, NWRC Derry.

Video of performance to come soon.

2017 End of Year Show NWRC Fine Art

Lawrence Building, NWRC Strand Road. Derry. End of Year Show opens on Thursday 8th June from 7pm. I will be exhibiting some of my work and presenting a Performance Art piece on Level 3 from 8pm. All welcome.

I will be exhibiting at E2E Festival.

I will be exhibiting some of my recent work and communicating with members of the public at the E2E Festival, Ebrington Square, Derry on Friday 26th May from 1-6pm.


The North West Regional College, in partnership with Derry and Strabane District Council and EYC, are launching a new initiative to connect people to employers via the E2E Festival. The key aim is to empower and encourage our citizens, the young and the more mature of all genders, to make wise academic choices that will secure their futures through engagement and understanding of economically relevant courses and personal attributes that will support access to the world of work. Many 16 year olds have heard about careers through school, family and friends but how many actually understand the diversity of a working day? This event is to inspire the young people from the Derry~Londonderry, Roe Valley, Derg & Mourne Learning Communities and Donegal to investigate and explore real life working careers on an ever changing progression platform.

Moonlight vs Streetlight

My painting "Moonlight vs Streetlight" is also selected for the Glebe House and Gallery Easter Open Art Competition 2017. 

Salvador Dali gets the Chromatography treatment!

The effects (mid-flow) of chromatography on my painting of Salvador Dali.

Ink on Chromatography Paper A3.

Time lapse video of the process coming soon!

All about Chromatography!

My chat with Michael Bradley on the BBC Arts Show Radio Foyle about all things Chromatography and Art.

Glebe House and Gallery Open Art Exhibition

Very pleased that two of my wax sculptures: A Rose Among Roses and Contre qui, rose? from my installation project, A Rose Among Roses has been selected for the Easter Open Art Competition in the Glebe House and Gallery, Church Hill Letterkenny. 

The exhibition opens on Friday 14th April at 7pm and runs until 23rd April.

At the Root of All Borders

My contribution At the Root of All BordersBorders Project.

Runs until 5th April at The Void, Derry.

Mixed Media on stretched canvas.

As it grows, the tip of a root protects the plant because the outermost cells (known as root border cells), are continually sloughing off and being replaced.  This encourages growth at the root tip by replacing the lost protective layer and so the plant can flourish. By encouraging the growth of the seedlings I am making an analogy with the important function of these ever changing border cells for plant growth and the dynamic phenomenon of emerging, disappearing, and re-emerging physical and political borders and their effect on human progress and civilisation. 

BBC Get Creative Weekend

This year I will be taking part in the BBC Get Creative Weekend in Derry. I will be involved in Science/Art demonstrations and workshops: "Fun with Chromatography".

There will be many creative events and activities to see, get involved with and inspire your creativity. 

For more information click on the photo or follow the link below.

28 Day Borders Project

An innovative women’s 28 day art project organised through The Women's Centre, Derry. Over 20 local female artists will respond to the theme 'Borders' independently through any chosen medium. The project will end in a group exhibition in the Void Gallery, Derry. The exhibition opens on Tuesday 28th March at 6 pm and runs for 1 week.

Where Art and Science Intersect

Interview with Dominic Kearney features in CultureNI website for Culture month.


SYNERGY - The Playhouse Theatre Gallery and Plaza, Derry.


Synergy: "the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements" is a group art exhibition organised by second year students of HND Fine Art at NWRC in the city. It is a collaborative project showcasing a diverse range of work to include painting, sculpture, photography, installation, and video. For most of the artists, this will be the first public exhibition of their work.

The opening of the show is on Tuesday 7th March at 19:00, and stays open from 11:00 to 16:00 until Saturday the 11th March 2017.

Exhibition Preview

Thanks to Derry News for lovely double page preview of Fields of Vision.

Open now in Garden of Reflection, Bishop Street, Derry (10am-4pm daily)

Fields of Vision

Group Exhibition: 'Fields of Vision' , running for the month of January 2017 in The Garden of Reflection, Derry.

“Fields of Vision” is a collaborative project showcasing twenty-four local artists and photographers who came together under the Facebook group #DERRYcreatives. Under the NI2030 [Europe's Creative Capital] strategy, #DERRYcreatives is an un-funded, open-source, collaborative group that brings the creative folk of Derry together to demonstrate their talents to the world. Works featured in the show cover a range of media and techniques including painting, audio visual and sculpture. They were produced by each artist in response to their individual observations and experiences of the rural and urban landscapes of Derry and the North-West.

Monoprint Submission "Autumn Fruiting Body"

The No Jury No Prize exhibition was first hosted by the Derry arts collective ‘Creative Village Arts’ for the city of culture year in 2013. Since then it has been hosted by Artlink FortDunree and continues to thrive as an annual event.

The perfect platform for young upcoming artists to show their art alongside more established artists. Like what you do, show what you can, believe in what you do and take a risk. There is No Jury there is No Prize.

Runs from 26th November until 4th December 2016

Reflections on The Foyle underway

The exhibition is now open until 2nd December.

135th RUA Exhibition Open

Very proud that my video piece "Colloidal Landscape" is included in the Royal Ulster Academy's 135th Annual Exhibition in the Ulster Museum, Belfast.


Open from 15th October 2016 until 8th January 2017.

Photos - Fun Palaces Derry

Photo record of event in Derry News - Thursday 6th October, 2016

Fun Palaces Derry

Thanks to all involved for a super event..

Human scale chromatography installation, sculpture, video, paintings, workshop: All within The Cottage, Craft Village Square Derry. THIS WEEKEND 1-2 October 1-5pm. Free Entrance.

Interactive exhibition for everyone, bringing science and art back together where they belong!  

With Aislinn Cassidy, Stephen Lewis and Prof. Harry McMahon.  

Part of the Fun Palace event - that features live music performance and dance! #DERRYCreatives

Aislinn's Perfect Experiment Combining Science with Art

Derry Journal article written about my Sick Rose Exhibition and a little biography

BEST Awards: Overall Runner up (19yrs+)

STEM Competition, BEST in Education, NI. Colleges.

I presented a visual arts project that intersected Science, Art, Technology and Engineering. This was a 16foot Chromatography installation created in response to my research into the works of Morris Louis. I manipulated and scaled up the chemical process of chromatography for aesthetic purposes, exploring various ink mixtures and pattern. The project also involved presentation of 3 short experimental video works: Diffusion, Colloidal Landscape and Molten Magnetics.

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