The Sick Rose

The Sick Rose installation links Art, Science, and Literature by making a connection between the flow/uptake of dyed fluids in Roses and Chromatography paper; the chemical-physical processes of Diffusion, Capillarity and Colour Separation, and the Rose (stained and poisoned by ink unknowingly) as a metaphor for William Blake’s poem The Sick Rose


The Sick Rose is a poem that has many political, social and religious interpretations. The installation is saturated with symbolism that references and makes associations with some of these interpretations, literal and metaphorical. The intention is that the viewer can explore the symbolism and science used in the construction of the installation aesthetically and emotionally. The aim is to prompt the viewer to question the scientific processes involved in the various elements of the installation, while also considering the metaphorical significance of Blake’s poem, and what it means to them personally.

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Derry, Northern Ireland. UK